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Dish Stirling systems - modular energy systems

Dish Stirling systems convert concentrating solar radiation into electrical energy in a highly efficient way. The parabolic concentrator directs the vertical solar radiation onto a focal point, where the Stirling motor and its solar heat exchanger are placed. The solar radiation is absorbed by the Stirling motor's heat exchanger to warm the heat transfer medium (in this case, helium). This heat is then converted into mechanical energy by the Stirling motor. A generator directly driven by the crankshaft of the motor uses the mechanical energy to generate electricity.

The parabolic concentrator continuously remains in a vertical position through the use of a tracking system which follows the sun's path; this keeps the mirror reflecting the solar radiation onto the heat exchanger all day long.

Possibilities of application
Due to their consolidated performance range of approximately 10 to 50 kilowatts, Dish Stirling systems are perfectly suitable for stand-alone power systems to operate water pumps and water desalination installations. They not only require little space, but can also be erected and commissioned in a short period of time. Likewise, they prove to be an environmentally-friendly alternative to diesel generator sets. Hybrid operation allowing for 24-hour operation is not only possible with parabolic trough collectors, Fresnel and solar tower technology, but also with Dish Stirling systems.

The systems can also be used for mains operation. On combining several plants, power ranges amounting to several megawatts can be made available.



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