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Concentrating Solar Power System

Our consulting and services at a glance

Our customers appreciate our excellent consulting and technology competence. The broad know-how available allows our experts to developed customized solutions. Our consulting portfolio is based on the best available technology and covers the early pre-planning phase up to the conceptualization and optimization of different types of solar thermal power plants.

Market studies

  • Analysis of the market potential for Concentrating Solar Technology in the selected countries and regions through the consideration of the present climatic and economic situations
  • Support with the preparation of suitable conditions that allow for official support

Feasibility studies

  • Site assessments and technological/economic feasibility studies of solar thermal power plants
  • Determination of Levelized Electricity Costs (LEC) and investment costs in accordance with IEA and World Bank calculation models

Technology assessment studies

  • Technical and economic assessment of potential applications for Concentrating Solar Technology, for example, the generation of electricity and steam, sea water desalination, etc.

Project development support

  • Preparation of documents and applications for permits for the construction and erection of solar thermal power plants
  • Basic engineering and drawings for parabolic trough collector fields

Licensor for parabolic trough collector technology

  • Able to grant licenses for the optimized Euro Trough collector
  • Basic engineering for the implementation of parabolic trough collector field technology

Meteorological data collection

  • Assessment of solar resources
  • Assessment of site potential


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